They're Hee-rre

Eric & Krista & Aiden
Eric & Riley
The boys decided to make an early arrival...
I'm just going to make a quick post and then try to remember to come back with details...
The boys, Riley Lawrence and Aiden Magnus were born 4/7/06 at 12:41 and 12:42 pm respectively, at 31.5 weeks and roughly 3lbs, 5 oz each.
Aiden needed to be in NICU for almost a week to assist his premature lungs in developing but is now with his borther in the specialty care nursery and progressing well.
They are almost both back to their birth weights and mom is pumping milk for feedings which they have both begun to accept.
We hope to have them home in the next 4-6 weeks...in the meantime...that gives me just enough time, hopefully, to finish the bathroom project and get teh baby room back into shape :)... you'll hear about those projects soon enough :).


February 6th 2006 Ultrasound Photos!

The 2 photos above are of Twin A on Feb. 6th when I was 23 weeks. He think's he is number one....check out his finger. :-) You can see quite a bit of detail. Twin B was hiding up high in my belly with his face away from the ultasound so we couldn't get a good photo of him. We tried but he wasn't having it. My mom came with to this ultrasound. This was her first time to see the babies move and hearing their heartbeats.

Tomorrow is Monday, Feb. 13th and I'll be exactley 6 months and I'm feeling really good. Eric and I are starting to get really anxious to meet the babies. Tonight we both felt the babies kick in my belly so that was really exciting. That was a first for Eric and a third time for me.

Eric finished some of the final construction in the babies room today so now we get to start the fun part...decorating! Eric and I are starting to look into baby items and doing some research to find out what is a good buy and soon we plan to register for our baby showers.

I hope to post more soon,

Love, Krista and Eric


January 3rd 2006 Ultrasound photos of the boys

The boys are starting to grow quite a bit and they move so much. I still can't feel them very often but Eric and I could see how active they were in the ultrasound. It's amazing. I'm a little over 18 weeks now so I should start to feel them soon. :-) You usually start to feel the baby by 20 weeks.
Each baby is super close in size, the doctor said you can't get much closer in size like these two are. They are both 9 ounces and as long as a stick of butter...or so the doctor said. Twin A was harder to get a good photo from he keep moving around (see the cool photo of him stretching out his spine) but twin B loves his photo taken...he is mellow.
There are a couple cute photos of their heads facing each other.
Just wanted to share....



As many of you know by now I'm pregnant and with IDENTICAL TWINS! :-) No drugs were used it just happened. Can you believe it? Eric and I can't! :-) My due date is June 6th. Some of you know my mom is a fraternal twin which is hereditary but identical twins are left to chance in life. Crazy huh? Eric and I are thrilled, a bit nervous but very excited. Although my doctor told me many pregnant women w/ twins don't usually carry the full 9 months and often they deliver a month or two early (April/May) yikes. She also said that I have a high chance of being bed ridden towards the end of my pregnancy. I hope that not me but I will survive if that is the case. :-) I feel so blessed and lucky to be carrying two babies at once but also know it will be a huge challenge once they are both here. I can't wait to see their faces and meet their personalities. I'll post more soon...



I certainly hope the title of this post is no identication to our soon to be future.
In an effort, albeit lazy, to share with you our new venture plotted by none other than fate itself...we hope to semiregularily post and share as we get ready for our next chapter...the Lodahl twins.